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Burassi (pronounced BUH-RAH-SEE) is a New York lifestyle brand that represents the art & grind of creating something out of nothing.  What began as just a made-up word and idea during my final semester of high school soon became the greatest journey of my life.

I always knew I wanted something more meaningful and impactful out of life, but how or where?  It wasn’t until I had taken a graphic design course in high school that I found my passion for design.  One thing soon led to another and then there I was, investing all of $2000 I had saved up from working at a local pizzeria to launch my own brand.  Though I had no prior foundation or resources to build from in the fashion industry, I jumped and never looked back.

Starting with a batch of 175 screen-printed shirts, I spent the entire first summer driving around town selling shirts to friends.  Soon after, I began operating from my freshman dorm room once I moved to NYC for college.  The hustle continued and within 2 years I had landed an internship under Daymond John from Shark Tank at his office 66 floors up in the Empire State Building.  Here I found myself; once just a dreamer but now sitting in one of the most iconic buildings in the world and interning for a man who built a $6 billion dollar fashion empire. The rest is history. 

In the mind of a New Yorker; anything is possible.  You must jump in life if you want to succeed in life.  Everything around you was once just an idea, and that person with that idea was once just a beginner.  Imagination is power in today’s society and Burassi is my story.  The Burassi Lifestyle.

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